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EOIVC 2020 Scoring 

No EOIVC Competitor or Applicant will be adjudicated by any Judge to whom they are related/espoused OR considered a “student of” under the EOIVC guidelines. EOIVC defines a “student of” as an individual who has given up to three (3) lessons by an EOIVC Judge or Preliminary Selection Committee Member within twelve (12) months of 11:59 p.m. EST on March 27, 2019 and/or within six (6) months prior to the official start of the Competition, 4:00 p.m. EST on January 14, 2020.  A conflict of interest form outlining the above has been signed by each 2020 Judges and Competitor.


The final scores for each Competitor for each round are an average taken based on the number of Judges for each Competitor, as determined by the above. Should a Judge be required to recuse him/her/their self from adjudicating a competitor, it will be indicated by shaded boxes in the provided charts.  


For more information please see our complete rules and regulations here.

All scores will be released following the competition. 

EOIVC 2020 Quarter Final Scores.jpg
Semi Final Scores.jpg
EOIVC 2020 Finals.jpg
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